Meet the Independent Businesses behind The Hive: Fiddlebread Baking Company

The Village Hive is now home to thirteen different small businesses! In order to help our customers get to know a little bit more about our bakers, every week we will be posting a profile about each business.

Our featured business this week is Fiddlebread Baking Company LLC.

Joe Hoffman, owner of Fiddlebread Baking Company, has been crafting artisan loaves for the Amherst community even before the opening of The Village Hive. Joe’s love of bread began in 1991 during a summer abroad in Germany. The exquisite tastes of Europe inspired him to try his hand at baking bread himself. Eventually after a chance encounter with Amy Powers and David Ryle, co-owners of the New Village Bakery in Amherst, Joe began training under David. The New Village Bakery eventually closed, giving way to Amy’s solo project, The Village Hive, and Joe’s own business within The Hive, Fiddlebread Baking Co.

Now in his seventh year at The Village Hive, Joe continues to craft the finest breads every Friday night for Saturday customers. Breadman Joe, as he’s affectionately known, uses his now extensive knowledge and experience to serve up popular bread flavors such as Meteil, Swiss Cracked Wheat, Cranberry Oat, and Ciabatta. Textures and flavors combine perfectly in Joe’s bread, making his loaves something you’ll want to share with your family and friends.

“Sharing bread with friends & family is one of life’s simple & staple joys,” Joe said. “If a mysterious concoction of flour, water, salt & yeast can bring people together then how fortunate am I to be able to delve into that mystery!”

Joe is originally from southwest Minnesota but now calls Wisconsin Rapids home with his wife and two young sons. When he isn’t baking bread or spending time with his family, Joe is a college arboriculture instructor.

For more information or to place an order contact Joe Hoffman via email (, or by visiting his facebook page at

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