Meet the Independent Businesses behind The Hive: MbK Truffles

The Village Hive is now home to thirteen different small businesses! In order to help our customers get to know a little bit more about our bakers, every week we will be posting a profile about each business.

Our featured business this week is MbK Truffles.

As someone with only a few years of junior high Home Economics experience prior to creating her business, MbK Truffles, Lisa Waldoch is a champion of challenges. Lisa defines herself as a learner who always accepts a challenge, with her work at the Hive being no different. Since starting MbK, Lisa has learned to make a vast array of truffles from White Chocolate Pop Rocks to decadent Dark Chocolate. As the baker puts it, life is all about balance. A healthy diet can still be healthy even if it includes a truffle now and again.

Lisa is originally from Stevens Point, but later moved to Amherst. After moving away for her early adulthood, Lisa returned to Amherst in 1998, to raise her children. Since then, all of her kids have attended the Tomorrow River School District have been involved in the community. As Lisa’s oldest son is now a senior in high school, she and her husband spend more time in the community supporting the downtown businesses. “As a frequent customer of the restaurants on Main Street, food establishments continue to thrive and grow in the Village of Amherst. I thank the local restaurants for providing a social atmosphere.”

For more information or to place an order contact Lisa Waldoch via email (

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