Our menu for November 14 – 17, 2018

Greeting Friends of The Hive! Our bakers look forward to a very busy week, full of sweet treats, hot soups, and delicious lunch specials. We will have Cherry Pies, Cinnamon Rolls, fresh Artisan Breads, Stromboli and lots of healthy salad options.

Baking For Friends and Healthy Chef Shell are now taking pre-orders for holiday pies & desserts through our online store. Hurry up and place your order today! If you would like to view their offerings online please click the link below:

The Hive is now carrying fresh and smoked trout from Big Spring Fish Company based in the Wisconsin Dells. Each week, all trout orders must be placed by Thursday, at  8 a.m., so Big Spring employees can gather fresh fish for processing and get ready for a Friday Delivery after 3 p.m. Please email your order to: bigspringfishcompany@gmail.com

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and information.

The Hive’s retail hours this week are:
Wednesday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Please call us with any questions, requests, or special orders you have during our business hours at 715-824-3006.

Our menu for Nov. 14-17, 2018 is: 

Cherry Pies
Strawberry-Rhubarb Pies
Mocha-Java ShortbreadIMG-7505
Salted Cashew and Chocolate Shortbread
Pumpkin-Pecan Biscotti
Zoom Bar
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin-White Chocolate Snicker Doodles
Banana Muffins
Spice Cupcakes
Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cookies
Oatmeal Fudge Bars
Yogurt Parfaits with Fruit
Fresh Ginger Cheesecake w/ Mango Topping
Mini Chocolate Espresso Cheesecakes w/ Sour Cream Topping
Cinnamon Rolls
Lemon Curd Cups
Blackberry Orange Scones
Wheat Free Mango Ginger Almond Scone – Thurs.83277
Wheat Free Vegan Molasses Spice Cookie – Thurs.
Vegan Lemon Coconut Cookie – Thurs.
Grain-Free Gingersnaps – Thurs.
Grain-Free White Chocolate Coconut Macaroon – Thurs.

Wednesday Savory
Caramelized Onion-Bacon-Parm Quiche
Veggie Potato Salad
Chicken Pot Pies
Curry Chicken
Pot Pies
Veggie Bags
Curried Veggie Wraps
Cranberry-Mustard Dip
Baked Brie Pastry
Vegan Spring Rolls
Vegan Buddha Bowls w/ Assorted SaucesBaked Brie
Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Thursday Savory
Breakfast Burritos
Asian Cabbage and Noodle Slaw
Southwestern Chicken Tortilla Soup
White Bean and Pesto Swirl Dip
KitchensBrew’s Vegan Veggie Bowl
Smashed Pea & Beet Salad w/ Maple Orange Dressing
Indian Egg Salad Cups
Stuffed Peppers w/ Lentils & Red Rice
Coconut Black Rice Pudding Cups w/ Mango

Friday/Sat. Savory
Breakfast Empanadas
Loaded Cheesy, Bacon, Corn and Potato Chowder
Vegan Indian Curry Over Basmati Rice
Samosa w/ Chutney

Artisan Breads
German Seed Bread – Wed.Cranberry Oat
Classic French Bread – Wed.
Swedish Limpa Bread – Thurs.
Feragasa Bread – Thurs.
Chipotle Asiago Sourdough Bread – Fri.
Country Sourdough Bread – Fri.
Cranberry Oat Bread – Sat.
Rosemary Pugliese Bread – Sat.

ACV Wellness Tonic
Tapuat Kombucha
Ruby Coffee by the cup
Mango Lassi – Friday

Angel Grandma’s Blue Blazes Jam
Jake’s Honey
Underground Meats Salami
Jay’s Hilltop Maple Syrup

Wheat-Free/Grain-Free Options & Vegan Options
Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cookies – Wed.
Wheat-Free Sugar Cookies – Wed.
Vegan Spring Rolls – Wed.
Vegan Buddha Bowls – Wed.
Wheat Free Mango Ginger Almond Scone – Thurs.
Wheat Free Vegan Molasses Spice Cookie – Thurs.
Vegan Lemon Coconut Cookie – Thurs.
Grain-Free Gingersnaps – Thurs.
Grain-Free White Chocolate Coconut Macaroon – Thurs.
Lemon Curd Cups (Grain-Free) – Thurs.
Coconut Black Rice Pudding w/ Mango (Vegan) – Thurs.
Stuffed Peppers w/ Lentils and Rice – Thurs.
KitchesBrew’s Vegan Veggie Bowl – Thurs.
Vegan Indian Curry Over Basmati Rice – Fri.


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