Our Bakers

The Village Hive is now home to nine different small businesses, each offering a variety of products and weekly specialties.


Angel Grandma’s Preserves is a country-based business offering a delicious variety of preserves for you! Cherie’s jams and jellies are made with fresh ingredients, many of which are grown on her farm. Fillers or preservatives are never used in AGP’s products. All preserves are made in a fully licensed kitchen. All products are made in small batches.

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Every week, Victoria Vaughn, owner of Baking For Friends, creates a variety of delicious baked goods, salads, and soups, as well as custom orders. BFF also offers different workshops, including Pie Camp, and children’s literacy activities.

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Joe Hoffman, owner of Fiddlebread Baking Company, provides a variety of fresh bread every Saturday morning at The Village Hive. A full menu of Fiddlebread’s offerings can be found on The HIve’s weekly menu and on Fiddlebread’s Facebook page.

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Gypsy Moon Bakehaus specializes in vegan and vegetarian meals, desserts, and baked goods. Owner Eleonore Hebal provides fresh spring rolls, artisan bread, Mediterranean dolma, and exotic lunch specials for The Hive each week. Visit Gypsy Moon’s Facebook page and website for more information.

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Healthy Chef Shell is a professionally trained chef and nutritional educator at Nutritional Healing, LLC in Appleton, WI. Every week she prepares vegan and grain free sweets and fresh salads at The Village Hive.



Kasia’s Cupboard creates delicious sweet and savory treats for The Village Hive each week. Owner Kathy Groshek is an accomplished baker, whose specialties include wheat-free, dairy-free peanut butter cookies, key lime & lemon bars, and frosted cupcakes.


KitchensBrew LLC specializes in fresh, organic, locally-sourced salads, lunch specials, artisan breads, and grain-free sweets. Owners Jessica Smith and Brandon Spurlin operate Copper Fox Farm in Waupaca, WI. KitchensBrew is available for private parties, catering, and special orders through The Village Hive.

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Local Layers provides fresh baked bread, eggs, and lunch specials every week at The Hive. Amy’s most popular items are grain-free scones, sourdough breads, danish, and coconut macaroons.


Moia Meals is helping Central Wisconsin eat what makes you happy. From meal delivery, catering, to bakery, Amanda & Ann offer you the customized flavor experience of checking fresh food off your to-do list.

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